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Populous Contracts are Not Funded R&D for R&D Tax Credit

In a December 2019 motion, the taxpayer Populous Holdings, an architectural design firm, won the motion allowing them to claim the R&D tax credit on its contracts with clients. Populous claimed the R&D tax credit for architectural work it does …

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Colorado R&D Tax Credit Overview

Colorado R&D Increase Tax Credit – Overview of the R&D Rules R&D Tax Credit in Colorado – Colorado offers a 3% credit based on the increase of research and experimental ¬†expenditures in an enterprise zone.¬† The increase is determined based …

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Key Factors in Meeting the Energy Efficient Home Requirements – 45L Energy Tax Credit

To obtain the valuable $2000 per unit energy tax credit under Code Section 45L,¬† developers often ask us what are the key factors used in the modeling software to determine whether their buildings qualify under Section 45L for the credit. …

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