News: 2015

Minnesota R&D Tax Credit – Update

Minnesota – R&D tax credit 2015 – Minnesota R&D tax credit form has been updated for tax year 2015. Form RD is attached to corporate and partnership returns to claim the R&D tax credit in Minnesota. On page 2 of …

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2015 R&D Credit – Congress Makes R&D Tax Credit Permanent and R&D Incentives for Small Businesses

On Friday December 18, 2015, the President signed into law what normally would be a ‘tax extenders’ bill but with respect to the R&D tax credit, the credit was made permanent and no longer will expire every year or two. …

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Year End Guidance – R&D Tax Credit Software Documentation

The general rule for R&D tax credit documentation is found under IRC 6001 – a taxpayer must retain documentation in usable form to substantiate (in this case the R&D tax credit), and IRS typically wants to see evidence of the …

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